the artist | yuri koroid

From the mind of Yuri Koroid comes a fantastical artistic experience. Introducing an artistic form marked by a contemporary style and a flair for the surreal; an open doorway to a unique and personal experience for even the most casual artistic observer.

Themes of love and intimacy join with imagery captured from the world’s vast underwater expanse, peppered with cultural flavors from around the world to create something truly captivating.

Each piece comes to life through an art form most closely mirroring the early twentieth century Spanish artist and surrealist icon Salvador Dali.

A dazzling array of highly-detailed and finely-polished, stainless alloy sculptures, wooden pieces, ivory figurines, contemporary home furnishings, and exotic jewelry, all bearing the personal signature of Koroid’s original artistic design.

The unique beauty of these works stem from the novelty and eclectic experience of Koroid’s time as an international traveler, combined with his skill as a master welder and expert craftsman.

These thought-provoking and imaginative creations are uniquely conceived and individually molded to inspire, both as conversation pieces or even eye-popping standouts among conventional decor.

Koroid’s work has been internationally displayed in his home country of Lithuania, as well as Russia and Sweden and are soon to be shown in the U.S. His art is for the world to see and anyone can experience these rare and exceptional creations for themselves.